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Voiceware's speech solutions provide a variety of services using
telephony networks of telecommunications companies.
Speech solutions are actively adapted by voice portal services
where users can conveniently obtain various information such as
news, weather, traffic, travel and others through voice activated
dialing systems.

Voice Portal

Voice portal utilizes both TTS and speech recognition to provide service platforms whereby users can obtain and retrieve e-mail, weather forecast, traffic conditions, stock information and other entertainment news through their telecommunications devices whether it be wired or wireless..

Voice portal sites that are currently using Voiceware's speech engines
Hey Anita

VAD(Voice Activated Dialing)

VAD's fundamental technology comes from Voiceware's speaker-independent version of VoiceEZ product. It allows users to activate dialing using one's voice instead of his/her fingers. It is best represented by automatic phone directory service of an organization.
VAD comes in handy when one needs to make a call on the go as the desired phone number can be registered and stored on the net. The address book on the net can store up to several thousand names and can be extremely helpful for people who need to manage a large number of names and phone numbers.
As mentioned, two of the most convenient features can be summarized as i) the ability to call someone without dialing the numbers but using one's voice ii) the capability to store a large quantity of contact information on the net thus not having to carry the information around. Obviously, VAD will become a must function for cars in the future as the danger of using mobile phones while driving becomes more and more an issue in today's society.

VAD sites that are currently using Voiceware's speech engines

UMS(Unified Messaging System)

UMS refers to Unified Messaging Service system that uses PSTN (regular land line) to deliver voice, fax messages and e-mails regardless of device, time and place by managing different types of messages under the same operating system. It is predicted to be the next-generation messaging system that can reduce the overall cost. Voiceware is currently working with a number of UMS providers to introduce a one-stop-shop service by combining UMS with Voiceware's speech technology.

UMS portal sites that are currently using Voiceware's speech solutions
Qrio 큐리오
LG Telecom