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Services & Distribution

Voiceware's speech solutions have been introduced to the airlines,
travel, home shopping industries with the view of providing customers
with more convenient and comfortable services.
Five major home shopping sites are all utilizing Voiceware's Text-to-Speech
solutions to enhance their programs.


thanks to speech recognition technology. Also, TTS technology allows the airlines to update any changes that need to be informed through real time modifications in the most efficient manner. Speech technology definitely reduces the manpower cost usually necessary to manage the operator-oriented call center.

Arilines that are currently using Voiceware's speech engines
Speech Synthesis applied announcement system can provide real-time information such as boarding announcement, departure and arrival time of air-liners in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese to local and foreign users in a speedy and convenient manner.


The contents on the internet is converted into speech. This allows users to work on his/her duties while listening to his/her favorite news articles on the internet. In Korea, Voiceware's natural sounding TTS is used to teach people English by providing proper pronunciations and intonation.

Web sites that are currently using Voiceware's speech engines
The Korea Herald

Home Shopping

Voiceware's TTS provides a variety of products that are being promoted through the home shopping network. Since the products are constantly updated, TTS plays a key role in delivering accurate and clear information of the products being promoted.
Korea's five major home shopping networks are using Voiceware's speech technology, and they are CJ39 Shopping (, LG Home Shopping (, Woori Home Shopping (, National Federations of Fisheries Cooperatives TV (, Hyundai Home Shopping (
The main reason why these home shopping networks are adapting speech technology is to reduce the cost of having to dub their promotions which need to be updated so frequently. By using TTS, they do not need to schedule a session for dubbing in accordance with the voice suppliers' schedule, and they can certainly reduce the dubbing cost significantly.

Shopping mall sites that are currently using Voiceware's speech engines