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Voiceware's speech technology can also be used for educational
purposes as TTS serves to be an excellent solution for language
learning process. It especially has been proven to be effective in
Korea as a means to teach English to Korean kids for whom the
English is their second language.

Talking in English


Voiceware developed an educational software that scores one's English pronunciations
using Voiceware's speech recognition technology.
The software also provides amusement to kids as one of the most famous animation
characters has been selected to appear as the main host of this edutainment software.
The software has also been carefully designed to avoid boredom for the kids by including card games (vocabulary review), Word games, Dog training session (training the dog "Punch" with English), just to name a few. Punch can be trained by speaking the listed commands in English, such as "sit down", "come here" and "fetch the ball". There are two versions, "Daily life" and "Friends". "Daily Life" version is based on the home, school, family and other daily activities as the theme whereas the "Friends" version focuses on birthday party, Christmas and Halloween as the main theme. Further details can be obtained at

MP3 Player & Voice Recorder

MP3 players are known to be limited to listening music files that are downloaded from the internet. However, TTS technology provides another way to maximize the usage of MP3 players - listening to any text formatted contents.
This concept is well accepted by some of the linguistics institutions whose primary objective is to teach languages in the most effective and efficient manner. MP3 player with TTS concept suits the purpose of these institutions and Voiceware plans to target the niche market accordingly.
Voice recorders' market also presents Voiceware with unlimited opportunities as TTS can be utilized to enhance the functionalities of voice recorders in the market. Whether it be educational or entertainment, TTS can add value to the existing features.
Internet Learning (e-learning)
A number of cyber research centers have been introduced in Korea with the fast spread of broadband lines. These cyber research centers have improved the depth of their educational capacity by adding the hearing aspect to the existing visual element.

Educational sites that are currently utilizing Voiceware's speech solutions