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Speaker Verification solution is an economical biometric means to verify
people's voice by differentiating each individual's unique voice.
This technology can be deployed for security purposes from home or
office door security to internet or phone user verification.

Speaker verification Solution

Voiceware's VoiceCop ensures high verification rate while providing convenience as users only need to register their voices three times to activate the procedure.
We are currently providing speaker verification service to the preschoolers by analyzing the characteristics of the children. It is very convenient that for those who do not know Korean alphabets can proceed with their education only with their voices and there is almost no possibility of their ID and password being exposed.

Solution providers that are currently using Voiceware's speaker verification
WOORI 우리기술


A finger print recognition development company such as Union Community is developing multiple biometric recognition solution combining Voiceware’s speaker verification solution and their finger print recognition technology.