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PC Package

Voiceware's speech solutions are well suited for a number of PC appli-
cations such as web web page reader PIMS, avatars and MS Office
programs whereby the contents are read through TTS and commands
are executed through voice. MS Office XP, in particular has selected
English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean versions to have the speech
functions, clearly indicating the level of confidence in the Korean
speech technology.

Office XP(applied only to 2000/2003 versions)

If you click Office XP (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) Tool menu’s contents reading button(F), all text data can be read in Voiceware’s speech synthesis. And if you click ‘Stop Reading’ the reading stops. Also, you can have it selectively read the portion of the texts by designating blocks on them. This speech synthesis function can be installed via Microsoft Office XP Tutorial CD and the additional disk space required is 64MB.
For more information on Office XP, please refer to Microsoft Office XP homepage (

Product’s main features
Word contents reading Excel contents reading PowerPoint contents reading Outlook contents reading
Speech Synthesis can read all or part of the Word Text selectively Speech Synthesis can read all or selected cell’s contents. Speech Synthesis can read all texts in the slide or selected texts at your discretion and it reads from top left corner to bottom right. As for the note at the bottom, it can be read by using ‘Note reading(J)’ function. The currently selected message’s contents can be read in the Outlook’s email messages.

IBM Hompage Reader

It is a software that can read information on the internet using Voiceware’s Speech Synthesis. It provides to visually impaired people the interface to read web page’s contents in a speedy, easy and efficient manner.
It also supports similar pronunciation differentiation capability and table search function in order for the users to comprehend the complicated tables such as TV program lists. It also provides email writing and sending and has a function to read the written email making it an ideal solution for visually impaired to use internet more comfortably.
For the inquiry of purchase, please contact 02-539-4188

Product’s main features
It reads texts, frames, images, text links, image map’s substitute text, Java script included structures, graphics’ details and data input fields.
It provided reading mode such as contents reading, Windows cursor reading, word reading, character reading. In a character reading mode, it has a function to differentiate similar pronunciations such as A and Alpha.
In case of Korean ‘한’, it can be read ‘ㅎ ㅏ ㄴ’ phonetically.
Email writing, receiving and transferring is possible after setting the mail server using Home Page Mailer. These series of tasks can be read by Speech Synthesis providing more comfortable environment for the visually impaired people. Finally, all the information on the desktop such as icon’s information, word pad, memo-generated texts can be read through Speech Synthesis if you select Desktop Reader when you install Homepage Reader.