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Voiceware has implemented small size embedded solution on OS
such as Microsoft Windows CE, Linux so that you can apply it to
conversational robots, PDA, home appliances and portable translator.
In case of PDA especially, our solution enables you to search addresses
and execute certain programs and make contents read.

Home appliances

Air conditioners, TV, washing machines, refrigerators and even rice cookers can be controlled by one's voice using Voiceware's speech recognition chip, namely ZVSR 600. Voiceware also has developed the state-of-the-art speaker independent /dependent speech recognition chip namely ZVSR by combining the speech technology of Voiceware and the DSP technology of ZARAM Technology.
ZVSR supports any type of embedded applications that require speech recognition.

Language learning devices


Shin information sytem, Tommy


Union community, Marble

Effective language learning devices such as translators or interactive tutorial toys can be developed using Voiceware's speech engines and chips. Interactive aspect of the speech engines provides manufacturers a lot of room to maneuver with their original plans for effective devices.
Interactive English tutorial doll, for instance provides friendly approach to the kids, and increase the desire for learning English. By presenting kids with various features for learning English, the tutorial doll becomes a very effective means to teach kids English here in Korea.
In addition, the record & play function allows kids to actually speak and listen to their own pronunciations while comparing it with the native English.

Toys & Robots


Languagetech, Genicom

Voiceware's speech engines and chips are also easily adaptable to interactive toys and robots. Whether it be commanding with voice or listening to it speak, Voiceware's speech engines provide the integral part of the interactive toys and/or robots.
Interactive toys and robots are becoming a significant part of our lives as the technology becomes more and more advanced. People can expect the robots to perform human duties such as cleaning, building and other complicated activities in the future, and speech technology can only make this a reality.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robot Pororot

HP Pororot


President of children, Pororo Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robot 'Pororot' is a robot for children with Voice VTrecognition and Voiceware's VoiceText ™ is installed, and for children, You can improve your language VTskills by speaking like a friend through various functions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robot 'Pororot'
Conversation : Speech Recognition allows the robot to hear child's words and answer with the voice of Pororo voice synthesis.
Play audiobooks : Read about 100 Korean traditional fairy tales in Pororo voice synthesis voice.
Notify schedule : Pre-entered schedules (rising, arranging, go to school), Pororo voice synthesis let your child know in a voice that helps them to have regular habits of life.
Avatar Chat : With the help of Portable App's avatar talk function, mom and dad input what they want to say and it will be delivered in a voice synthesizer with Pororo voice.



Voiceware, Rabbicat

RABBICAT is a robot developed by Voiceware to demonstrate its ability to interact with humans. RABBICAT performs to sing and dance according to the user's command.

Some of RABBICAT's functions are as follows
Move forward/back
Dancing (MP3)
Answering questions (list of questions available)



Hancom, GenieTalk

VoiceText ™, large size speech synthesizer is applied to GenieTalk off-line in seven languages including Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and German.14 tones are available for translation and interpretation.

Main functions of 'GenieTalk offline'
Multiple language support : 7 languages and 14 voices.
Translating and interpreting services available anywhere : Interpretation is possible even in places where there is no Wi-Fi.
Natural translation and interpretation possible : Large foot print TTS can translate with natural pronunciation.
Companies that have adopted Voiceware's embedded solutions
Language Tech
WOORI Technology
Jininsa Company