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GLOBAL LEADER. VOICEWARE Speech technology company. Speech Synthesis (TTS: Text To Speech - Speech Synthesis). Speech Recognition (ASR: Automatic Speech Recognition). Speaker Verification (SV: Speaker Verification). Speech technology application product development. It has Voice portal technology advancing new businesses using speech technology

Voiceware Co.,Ltd. is a leader in global level of core speech technologies with many fields such as speech solution for Telematics, voice portal, compact-sized solution for embedded devices, educational solutions, voice browser, broadcasting solutions and many other applications. We are one of the top tier Speech Technology expert dedicated to speech technology.
Since its establishment, we have continued research and development on speech technology and appointed as National Research Institute by Ministry of Science and Technology in Korea. We have received numerous awards, such as KT Mark (recognized for new technology and development by Ministry of Science and Technology), Industrial Research 52 (Jang Yong Sil Award for technological innovation and invention to honor company by Korean Industrial Technology Association), World Class Product, New Software Product Grand Prize, Best Product Award, GS Mark, 2012 New Product Promotion Competition Award by Prime Minister, and more.

Voiceware is making efforts to implement management philosophy of ‘Future Creation through Voice Technology.’It has Korean, American English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, UK English, Canadian French, Traditional Chinese, Cantonese, Thai, Brazilian, Italian, German, French, Mexican Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Australian English, Russian language solutions and is trying to be the best at global level to become global leader as respected speech technology company and multi-language solutions provider.
We are devoted to make better world where all people live more comfortably along with our voice-driven technology.