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Voiceware is a company with expertise in voice technology,
established in December 1999 with professional brains whose
research experience goes way back to late 1980s.

Since the establishment of the company in December of 1999, we have continued Research and development of speech technologies (Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition) and, in 2000, we received numerous awards such as KT Mark, Chang Youngshil Award (IR52) and the company was designated as National Research Laboratory by Ministry of Science and Technology. We have received various awards such as New software product 1st class, designation of international #1 product, GS mark. We have already obtained the top market share status and are striving to become a global company.
Not limited to the local market, we are moving toward global market by establishing an U.S. entity, NeoSpeech , targeting North America and European market. In 2003, we made a strategic alliance with PENTAX (Now HOYA Group) in order to make a foothold in Japanese market. And also, we have made strategic alliances with Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong companies to participate in South Eastern Asia market.
In order to expand the business, we are making every effort to push ourselves in developing application program using speech technology and new businesses with high added values to secure the future driving force.
As we go beyond Korea, we will try our utmost to grow as a Global Leader and we, Voiceware will make a convenient and friendly society through speech technology.
Thank you.

JongSeok Lee, CEO