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It is a solution that reads data and converts sentences into
human–like voice by analyzing grammatical structure of text
and making proper speech intonation.

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Product Overview

VoiceText™ converts text data into human-like natural voice by analyzing grammatical structure of text and making its proper speech intonation. It boasts natural speech and clear and correct pronunciation with nation’s 1st Multilanguage solution.
VoiceText™ is available in forms of wide range of embedded devices, telephony, network/server application, announcement, ASR, IVR. GPS robot, home appliances e-book, screen reader, kiosk, entertainment and many more.

Input Text - Synthesis - Natural Voice


  • Natural and clear intonation and correct pronunciation as training tool.
  • Fast synthesis, high level of stability and multi-channel support.
  • With intelligent preprocessing, it added functions with user-defined capability, special characters, and numbers synthesis.
  • Having a variety of speech synthesizer enables us to support a variety of applications, such as telephony, PC, embedded, announcements, consumer electronics, robots, e-book, screen readers and kiosks.
  • Many sorts of voice fonts, optimizing for any specific use.
  • We have Multilingual solution such as (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, UK English, Canadian French, Traditional Chinese, Cantonese, Thai, Brazilian, Italian, German, French, Mexican Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Australian English, Russian etc.)
  • Automation of database structure allows to structure any type of voice synthesizers in a relatively short period of time.
  • Wide range of output formats, including Microsoft’s SAPI 5.0
  • Remote control using World Wide Web
  • High level of consulting and system stability with many years of R&D and commercialization experiences


Items Female Male
Korean Sujin | Yumi | Gyuri | Dayoung | Chorong | Heryun | Hyuna | Jimin | Yura | Sena Junwoo | Jihun | Maru
English Kate | Julie | Ashley | Beth Paul | James
Chinese Hui | Hong Liang | Qiang
Japanese Misaki | Haruka | Sayaka | Hikari | Risa Ryo | Show | Takeru | Akira
Mexican Spanish Violeta | Gloria Francisco
UK English Bridget Hugh
Canadian French Chloe Leo
Chinese (Taiwan) yafang  
Cantonese Chinese Kayan Kaho
Thai Somsi Sarawut
Brazilian Helena Rafael
German Lena Tim
Spanish Lola Manuel
Italian Elisa Roberto
French Roxane Louis
European Portuguese Carolina Tiago
Swedish Karin Sven
Dutch Anne Alex
Australian English Mia Mason
Russian Vera Aleksei

Platform Support

Platform Support
Items VoiceText™ For Server VoiceText™ For PC VoiceText™ Light
OS Windows / Unix / Linux Windows WinCE / IOS / Android
CPU Intel Atom, i3 or above , Xeon Intel Atom, i3 or above , Xeon ARM / x86(400MHz)
엔진 500MB ~ 2.5GB 64MB ~ 2.5GB 12MB ~ 64GB

“Voiceware VoiceText™ is really good. The Voiceware American English Text-to-Speech (VoiceText™) appears to be one of the most (if not the most) natural sounding TTS products that currently exist. It is so good that it is difficult to imagine that this technology was developed by Korean technologies for which American English is a second language.” –ASR News-