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VoiceEz™ makes machines understand what people say and makes them carry out human commands. It is a speech recognition solution that Voiceware proudly presents. User can benefit from this solution by using devices more easily and effectively. You can interact with ARS service call at your fingertip, not with old-fashioned push buttons, but with your own voice. You can also interact with home appliances, cars and robot just like you experience in Sci-Fi movies.

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Product Overview

The VoiceEz™ is playing a vital role in the next generation ‘Human-Machine Interface’ by recognizing human voice and communicating with computer system as one of our superior speech technologies.
It analyzes acoustic structure of human voice, extracts characteristics and compares them with voice database. It is used to search or input electronic data.

human voice - human-Machine interface - Various applications


  • Recognizing connective and continuous words
  • High level of recognition rate and speed with noise cancellation function
  • Recognition rejecting function if it a word is not recognizable.
  • Equipped with various engines from large to small-sized engine.
  • It customizes for user in tone, pronunciation pattern and environments.
  • Number recognition for ID, account number or phone number
  • Adjustable recognition processes expansion and modification of recognizing words on real-time basis.
  • Presently we have Korean and English solutions
  • We deliver excellent consulting services and stabilized system by decades of R&D and commercialization experiences.

Platform Support

Platform Support
Items VoiceEz™ For Server VoiceEz™ For PC VoiceEz™ Light
OS Windows / Unix / Linux Windows WinCE / IOS / Android
CPU Intel Atom, i3 or above, Xeon Intel Atom, i3 or above, Xeon ARM / x86(400MHz)
RAM 20MB(1 Channel) 10MB 4MB
Engine 500MB 20MB 2MB