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VoiceEZCALL™ is an English-speaking evaluation program
that lets you know study result by comparing your pronunciation
with native English speakers.

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Product Overview

Based on English ASR and speech analysis technology, VoiceEZCALL™ is English e-learning program that lets user know results of English pronunciation after comparing it automatically with native speaker’s pronunciation, accent and intonation.

User pronunciation - Compared with native speakers - Evaluation results


  • You can learn native speaker’s correct pronunciation and accent as you follow English pronunciation.
  • You can also visually verify your study results exhibited in graphics and scores on accents and intonation, which are essential components of
    English learning, by analyzing and comparing with Native speaker’s speech.
  • User can repeat learning one’s weak sentence, word and phonics based on results.
  • Not limited to lengths of contents, various study program scenarios can be designed.
  • It supports various platforms, such as Windows (flash), Android, iOS, Linux.



Platform Support

Platform Support
Items VoiceCALL™ For Server VoiceCALL™ For PC VoiceCALL™ Light
OS Windows / Unix / Linux Windows WinCE / Android / iOS
CPU Intel Atom, i3 or above, Xeon Intel Atom, i3 or above, Xeon ARM / x86(400MHz)
RAM 20MB(1 Channel) 80MB 15MB
Engine 60MB 60MB 10MB