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VoiceEffectâ„¢ is a solution that can output voice signal different from
the original voice by using voice modulation that alters speed or pitch of
input voice signal.

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Product Overview

VoiceEffect is voice modulation solution by Voiceware. Using various modulation methods such as filtering, speed and pitch adjustment, the input voice is changed into the totally different voice. VoiceEffect can be applied to other security application which requires personal privacy in voice, or electric toys and language learning solution as well.


  • Real-Time Voice Filtering
    VoiceEffect is almost real-time basis and thus can be applied to diverse fields such as wire/wireless telephone network and
    internet, PC client server environment
  • Various Voice Filters
    Various other voice effects are also available by adjusting modulation parameters.
  • Flexible System Implementation
    VoiceEffect is ANSI C compatible, thus it can be implemented to most operating systems and other application easily.

Modulation types

playIf you click the icon to listen to.

Modulation types
Original Voice Filtered examples
playVoiceTextâ„¢(US Eng)
  • playPursuit 60
  • playM Voice
  • playCave
  • playET
  • playRadio Studio1
  • playZolaman
  • playAsura
  • playRobot
  • playCrying
  • playA-Man